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ASCINA Austria / Alumni / Vienna is a network that welcomes scientists of all disciplines, as well as future scientists who wish to be mobile and networked with already returned home, or willing to return, scientists. Our mission is to promote academic mobility, to provide information and share the personal experiences of ASCINAten from abroad and domestic. We regularly organize round tables, lectures, writing articles and presenting ourselves in various events.

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We, that is Irene Maier, Martin Humenberger and Elke Wagner alias

ASCINA Alumni Highlighted Member

Dear Friends of Ascina, we are proud to present another Ascina member in our highlight section of the Vienna Ascina Group: Dr. vet. med. Stefanie Handl

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Fulbright has a service also general US education, ie inquiries regarding. Finanzierungsmoelichkeiten For the US, please contact Irene Zavarsky

Dual Career

Mobility / Mobility Study:

Presentation Mobility Study Final Results

Academic Mobility Study presented on June 5th, 2014 US Embassy, ??Fulbright and ASCINA Vienna. We have tried to be a mouthpiece for the North American Austrian. Academics, but also for those who want over. The entire study is available at: ASCINA Mobility Study

Pioneering model in Germany: PRIME - Postdoctoral Researchers International Mobility Experience "is a new program of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), which aims to facilitate young researchers and scientists to return after a research stay abroad back to Germany. With PRIME the DAAD is breaking new ground in the promotion of international mobility of postdocs: Instead of a scholarship the scholarship holders will receive a place at a German university of their choice, where they continue their work after a one-year research stay abroad. Financed "PRIME" by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the EU program COFUND (Marie Curie actions). Link

Application letter / Grant Writing:

We had the opportunity to put together a few "Tips to Apply" from communications with ASCINATINNEN:

Job application tips

Have fun, and please send us your CV like / Résumé / cover letter draft proposals for revision.


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